Ring in the Holidays with Our Telehealth 3-Pack Special

Ring in the Holidays with Our Telehealth 3-Pack Special

At Olivera Weight Loss, we believe in eliminating obstacles to help our patients achieve their healthy living goals. This year, our patients have been challenged more than ever, and we have risen to the occasion with our newest offering – Medical Weight Loss Telehealth. With the enthusiastic response from patients, we have challenged ourselves yet again to continue bringing healthy living to you on your schedule. Let us help you ring in the holidays the healthy way with our Telehealth 3-Pack Special!

We are pleased and excited to announce our new Telehealth 3-Pack Special:

Meet Your Goals on Your Schedule and Save!
Qualified returning patients sign up for 3 months of Olivera’s signature Medical Weight Loss Telehealth care for an unprecedented low price! Choose from two convenient options:

    1. Monthly Telehealth appointments plus local pharmacy Phentermine pick up for just $240
    2. Monthly Telehealth appointments plus Phentermine delivery (includes medication and shipping/delivery) for just $300

Stay Strong and Confident with Our Flexible Scheduling
Telehealth 3-Pack Special includes 3 Medical Weight Loss Telehealth appointments and 3 Vitamin B12 injections. However, because we know that life doesn’t always go according to plan, your 3-Pack purchase can be used within 4 months of purchase.

New Patients Can Save, Too!
If you’re looking to get started on your healthy living journey with our safe and effective
Medical Weight Loss program at the best price available, you can start strong with our New Patient Special on Wednesdays and Thursdays. When you come back for your first follow-up appointment, ask about our convenient and phenomenally priced Telehealth 3-Pack Special, and save even more! New patients must be seen in the office for the initial visit and first follow-up appointment, and may then qualify for telehealth.

Share the Love with Gift Cards
If you know someone who has been dreaming of getting healthy living support, now is the time to show them you care with
Olivera Gift Cards. Available online or in our office, in any amount you prefer, there is no better way to show your support than to give a friend or loved one the gift of health. Our gift cards can be used for any service, including our Telehealth 3-Pack!

At Olivera Weight Loss, we believe that healthy living is for everyone, no matter the obstacle. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your goals with confidence on your schedule.

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