Map Out a Plan for Weight Loss Success in 2022

Map Out a Plan for Weight Loss Success in 2022

A new year is an opportunity to start fresh and redraw our personal map to success, and the key to that success is drawing the right map. As one of Chicago’s leading Medical Weight Management clinics, Olivera Weight Loss helps our patients create success and build on it, and we are here to share some of our tried and true practices for creating a map that leads to where you want to go. Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Read on to learn some of our best tips and tricks for creating a path to success that works for you:

Set Healthy Goals
It seems like a given that a map to healthy living success would include healthy goals, but setting too high a bar or too low a bar can be equally damaging. The key to setting the right goals is to know the research, know your body, and know your limits. It is important to get an educated picture of the interventions available and their long-term success rates, as well as to know your own tendencies and which roadblocks are most likely to come up. It is also crucial to avoid overdoing things and becoming injured, as time spent resting and healing can undo months of hard work. At Olivera, we work with our patients to determine a pace that is achievable while keeping health and safety our first concern.

Get Started
This seems like another no-brainer, but often getting started is the biggest hurdle. Things feel safer and easier in the planning stages, but when it’s time to start, that first step can feel pretty daunting. At Olivera, we strive to ensure that getting started is quick, convenient, and painless. Use our fast and convenient online booking to make your first appointment today!

Create a Timeline
Building health is a long-term goal, and it is important to map out an appropriate pace. To help our patients plan ahead and stick to it, Olivera now offers Weight Loss Packages and Booster Shot Packages! This creates a set pace for care and check-ins, and offers extra incentive to keep up the pace, because it’s already been paid for – at a significant savings. This helps to ensure that the all too common loss of motivation midway through a timeline doesn’t sabotage your path to success.

Enlist Help
It’s no secret that success comes easier when it is a team effort – after all, many hands make light work! Healthy living goals are no different. Olivera provides a supportive team to help our patients achieve their goals without being overburdened. Not only that, we offer a Refer A Friend discount! When your friend starts their Medical Weight Management journey, tell us at the front desk for $10 off BOTH of your appointments. We want to encourage our patients to achieve their goals with help not just from us, but also from each other, because friends support one another.

Celebrate Successes
Everyone has a clear picture of how they want to celebrate their final victory, and we encourage that – but it’s important to celebrate the smaller victories along the way too. What’s the catch? Nothing! Delayed gratification works best when it is built up over time, much like a muscle. That means building up your ability to anticipate future rewards by celebrating every step you take toward success, not just the final one. Whether you choose to celebrate milestones in weight, dietary choices, endurance, habit, or even weekly milestones – make the choice to celebrate yourself and your successes. They don’t have to be record-breakers to be a big deal and set the stage for continued success!

Olivera Weight Loss is your trail guide in creating a plan that works for your unique needs. From new patients taking the plunge to returning patients coming back for the best team support in the Chicago area, we welcome everybody and every body to come in and find the plan and the practices that work best for you. Let us help you make 2022 the year of dreams achieved and goals conquered!

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