Get to Know Medical Weight Loss Telehealth

Get to Know Medical Weight Loss Telehealth

Telehealth Delivers Healthy Living Support Anywhere!

There are many factors that can make scheduling and receiving care through Telehealth the best service option. Regardless of the complication, whether it is time, distance, weather, health concerns, or childcare needs, more and more patients are finding that the convenient option of Telehealth suits their needs, enabling them to receive qualified professional care while still accommodating their lifestyle.

Medical Weight Management Telehealth delivers healthy living support and care to our patients, wherever they are. Whether at home with small children, traveling for work, running errands, or even during a quick workday break, our trained medical professionals bring Telehealth patients the care and support needed to craft a healthy lifestyle without requiring hard choices about scheduling and access. We are committed to bringing healthy living to everybody and every body, no matter where exactly that body happens to be.

If you have been considering Telehealth for your busy lifestyle, here are a few more points to consider:

• Every patient is eligible for a complimentary B12 injection that can be used within 30 days by scheduled appt

• We offer prescription pick up at a local pharmacy or prescription delivery mailed directly to your house

Each Telehealth appointment call only takes about 10 minutes

• Once medically qualified, patients can mix and match how they choose to receive care, whether in person at our office or on the go via Telehealth – regardless of your choice, you will receive our signature professional care.

• Telehealth helps keep you on track when you can’t go into the office. There is no need to skip appointments or go any amount of time without medication.

Olivera Weight Loss is here to be your partner in healthy living, no matter where life takes you. Today is the day to take the plunge and discover the empowering feeling of having professional care and support on your terms. Choose Telehealth for your next appointment, and enjoy the freedom of knowing our team is in your corner, in whatever corner of the world that happens to be today.

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